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Whether it's your first time, or your looking for something new, this is the place to get plugged in.

Get Involved: Service

Making Connections

We encourage everyone to gather together. This makes the world a less lonely place and when Jesus shows up, life changes is a result. So plan on joining us on Wednesday at 7 pm (online) and Sunday at 9 am (outdoors bring mask & chair).


Meeting The Need

We believe that service leads to freedom. Freedom to create a future in the lives of other people. This is why people volunteer in many areas around our church. This can include kids, youth or adults.


Because Circles are Better than Rows

A curious observation to us is how Jesus gathered with people in circles. We believe in gathering together and that gathering in circles helps fill in the questions we long for.


Love El Centro

We believe it's up to us to help out our community and we do this through various outreach opportunities we call Love El Centro.

Currently we hand out boxes of food on Thursday morning in our parking lot


Click here to download. It's easy.


Click here to download. It's easy.

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